Dear Puzzlers,

The Steering Committee has very reluctantly decided to postpone the Puzzle Parley until the summer of 2021. We concluded there is an almost zero chance that people will feel comfortable traveling and gathering in large numbers by July.

We hope to reschedule the Parley for a weekend in late July 2021, at the same hotel, and with essentially the same three day program. Of course, availability constraints may require some changes.

Meanwhile we will send full refunds to those who have already paid registration fees. If you paid by check, you will be hearing from our Treasurer, Bob Armstrong. If you paid by paypal, we will refund your payment via paypal.

If you made a hotel reservation, please be sure to cancel it so you do not incur charges. We are unable to do this for you.

We are disappointed and know you are too. Judging from the number of registrations received in the last three weeks, there were many people looking forward to the Parley.

We will send more details on the 2021 plans as they become available. While waiting for those details, try to keep up your spirits with a puzzle or two.
Celebrating the art history and fun of wooden jigsaw puzzles for over 25 years


The Puzzle Parley is the premier biennial meeting of wooden jigsaw puzzle collectors, designers, crafters, restorers and enthusiasts in the USA. The next Parley will be our 15th biennial gathering. There will be puzzles on display, puzzles to do, puzzles to sell, and tips on how to craft puzzles.

For over more than two decades, the Puzzle Parley has grown from a small, occasional one-day gathering of puzzle cutters and collectors to a well-attended biennial weekend event celebrating the art of the wooden jigsaw puzzle. Parleys have provided a showcase for experienced puzzle makers, and they have fostered and trained aspiring cutters. They have brought puzzle creators, suppliers, collectors, and aficionados together with a diverse array of programming, activities, and opportunities to enjoy the company of fellow puzzle lovers. Many volunteers have contributed countless hours to making each Parley a success.

The central portion of the festivities kicks off Friday evening with our Welcome Reception, usually followed by our Pagey Elliott Puzzle Exchange. Participating puzzle crafters exchange with one another and give a small talk on their exchange puzzle. We then either join in a Yankee Swap, sometimes called a "White Elephant" or go directly to puzzling into the wee hours. Attendees are encouraged to bring a puzzle from their collection, or one they have made to share with everyone.

Saturday begins early with setup for those displaying puzzles to show or sell. The room becomes a wash of beautiful and fantastic puzzles. You can vote for the Best-in-Show Puzzle, see all the Pagey Elliott exchange puzzles up close, or maybe buy a raffle ticket on a special donated puzzle.

Photo courtesy Rick Tucker

After introductory remarks, we have a full morning and afternoon slated with presentations and panel discussions on puzzle crafting, collecting, or history. This is the best place to learn about the craft and to ask questions of the experts. We almost always have a specific talk on some aspect of wooden puzzle history or have a collector give a slide show on some of the more interesting treasures. We end the day with formal puzzle sales, although people will buy puzzles during lunch or breaks.

We have a banquet Saturday evening where we announce the Best-In-Show award and raffle draw. For 2020 Parley we had planned a puzzle contest orchestrated by Artifact Puzzles featuring an exclusive new puzzle design by Artifact Puzzles. We hope to offer the contest in 2021.

On Sunday morning, we'll wrap up with two or three speakers and possibly an Open House in the area where someone will open their home and show us their collection or puzzle workshop.


For those of you arriving early, we try to plan one or two major events during the day on Friday. For 2020, we had planned a tour of the American Antiquarian Society and a full day of puzzle crafting workshops. We hope to have these activities in 2021.


The Sturbridge Host Hotel

The 2020 Parley was suppose to take place in the Sturbridge Host Hotel. If you made reservations, be sure to cancel them (508-347-7393). At present, we are working with the hotel to host the Parley in late July of 2021. Check back to the site for updates.