WHEN: July 24, 2020
WHERE: Sturbridge Host Hotel, Sturbridge MA

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in the history of the Puzzle Parleys, we are featuring a full day of workshops tailored to all experience levels. We will have friendly and experienced master puzzle cutters giving tutorials, advice, or cutting guidance. Each workshop is a hands-on cutting workshop and each participant will have time on a scroll saw. You will take home a fully cut puzzle, time permitting, or a partially cut puzzle with all the knowledge on how to complete it. We will be providing the saws, wood to practice on, blades, finishing materials, puzzle "blanks", images already mounted on wood, and anything else you will need to complete your puzzle.

Day: July 24, 2020 Place: Sturbridge Host Hotel, Sturbridge MA Levels: Beginner Intermediate Advanced Times: 9-11,11:30-1:30, 2-4 Nine workshops in all.

Each time slot will have a BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED workshop as described below. Class size is limited by the number of saws we have and is first come - first serve. Register for the workshop of your choice when you register for the Parley. Initially the workshop is only open to those participants who register for the "Full Weekend" or "Saturday Day and Evening". Those registering for "Saturday Daytime" will be put on a wait-list. The workshop fee is $5 to cover materials. Wait-listed people will be charged when a slot becomes available. Note: All Parley participants are eligible to apply for an Armstrong Educational Grant to help defray registration costs. This type of instruction with the experts we have may not occur again!

Make Your First Puzzle    (or maybe your second)

Have you always wanted to try cutting a puzzle? In this introductory hands-on workshop, our friendly and experienced instructors will explain the materials, basic scroll saw operation and guide you through the basics of cutting lines, curves and joinery with wood samples, then progressing to cutting a finished small puzzle of your own.

This particular workshop was offered at the 2014 Puzzle Parley. You are welcome to sign up again for a refresher and a second puzzle.

Creating A Puzzle A-Z or A Special Type of Puzzle

This workshop is intended for those who have some scroll-saw and/or puzzle-making experience and want to learn more about the details of the craft. The workshop will begin with a variety of friendly and experienced instructors who will be on hand to talk about and answer any questions on topics such as blade & wood selection, mounting & glue advice, figural & color-line-cutting, stack-cutting and a variety of other topics. Participants will be encouraged to cut a small or medium size puzzle with the knowledge of the techniques discussed. The more advanced cutters are encouraged to cut a more advanced puzzle including but not limited to: a layered puzzle, a stack-cut puzzle, a double-cut puzzle with multiple solutions (a.k.a. a Stave "trick" puzzle), or a double-sided puzzle. You will be contacted prior to the Parley on what exactly you would like us to cover so that we may prepare instructive materials and or special puzzle blanks. And if you don't see the type of puzzle you would like to learn to cut, email us at msg@puzzleparley.org because we probably will have someone who has done it before.

At the 2016 Parley we offered two workshops, one on stack cutting and one on layered puzzles. If you missed either one, both choices are available in this workshop.

Advanced Concepts In Puzzle Cutting

For those well versed with puzzle-cutting, this specialized workshop will give you an opportunity to expand your design horizons with cut styles that are game-changing. Amongst others, John Stokes will demonstrate how he cuts his distinct fractal-inspired "Creative" style, Chris Yates his esoteric "Baffler" joinery and Melinda Shebell her intricate "Maze" technique. Participants will receive a handout on style development based on Melinda's talk at the 2016 Parley. Following discussions, participants are encouraged to create a new cutting style for themselves base on the concepts presented and cut a small or medium size puzzle using that style. (Note: for those needing a little help in cutting a Stokian creative style puzzle freehand, patterns of some of his more intricate figures will be available in different sizes to place and cut on your puzzle.)